As the parent of a child with big needs you know the importance of following your heart. But what if you can't hear what your heart says? Or what if you're afraid to trust what you hear?

My journey in holding healing for my daughter showed me that our greatest power comes through opening to the scary stuff, and that within that space meaningful, magical change happens. I've learned that being in a place of not knowing is not the same as being powerless, and that the way through all of the messy fear and doubt is completely transformational. 

This experience gifted me a deep understanding of what it means to trust and follow my intuition without knowing exactly what the path will look like or where we'll end up. It fuels the work I do with mothers who are facing personal struggles that require big shifts in the way they are used to doing things. I love guiding others through the process of learning to lean in, listen, and align with the belief that it's possible to create something better.

What vision do you hold for your family? For yourself? It's important that you create space to nurture both, and that you give yourself permission to prioritize your own happiness. 

This is a place for all parents carving a path through the darkness to something better. It's a template for how to listen - to your child, to yourself, to whatever greater goodness guides you, and then let go where you can. I'm happy you're here. 

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"Open your hands if you want to be held."